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Losing A Spouse

Someone Who Just Lost Their Spouse and Trying to Stay on Track

What to Expect:

What to Expect:

  • We would first conduct a discovery meeting. During the meeting we would first start by helping you handle the paperwork and other items to help you settle the estate so you can just concentrate on your loved ones. Next, we would be determining your values and goals that you would want to be working towards. During the meeting we would look to see if financially planning is in your best interest based on your financial position. We would get to know your family goals as well as the financial ones. At the end of meeting, we would recommend the role we think would be in your best interest.

  • Once you establish the planning relationship, we would conduct what we call an onboarding process. Here you would get access to our planning website and add online information such as bank, credit card, and outside investments. This allows both you and the advisor to view the information to start working on the next step. During this stage, we could be asking for statements of items such as retirement accounts and social security statements.
Client Centered
  • The next phase is all on us. We establish your current rate of success based on your goals and current position without any changes. This allows us to determine your strengths and weakness in order to establish our recommendations to best achieve your goals.

  • Our next meeting would be the Strategy meeting. During this meeting we would unveil our assessment of your strengths and weakness, review your goals, and review our recommendations. We would discuss the recommendations and layout a plan with options. You can implement all strategies or none, but after this meeting we would be able to establish the plan.
Client Centered
  • Shortly after the strategy meeting, we would send out the hard copy of the plan (email or physical book). The written plan just represents a snapshot in time. As anyone who has lost a loved one, what you truly want changes as you deal with the lost. This means we have to be flexible in our time frame in order to give the best advice forward. We need to be able to be fluid as life changes which means the plan needs to change with you. Which is why we have meeting at least every three months.

  • Quarterly meeting can be conducted live, by phone, or virtually. During the meetings we go over your progress, talk about market factors, and other items that would effect your goals. This is also a chance for you to bring up new goals and concerns. Even though we have quarterly meetings, phone calls and emails our encourage whenever something changes our concerns rise. This helps us keep the plan fresh and meaningful to you.

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